Here’s for a closing speech-

Bleh, I’ve sent a letter to all of our current members, hiatus or not- but if you didn’t get it, it’s here. Also, yeah. Just- yeah.

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sojin-social-deactivated2014021: Hi guys. So, um, I decided to go inactive. I started school and I'll have a hard year and I don't / won't have enough time for roleplaying. Do you guys mind if I'll keep this url for some weeks so people know where I am? Thank you for everything, really, and I'm still super sorry for not being the best member. I love you and take care, Bibubi, everyone! ♥ ; u ;

Gotcha. and yeah, sure. But don’t keep it for too long, alright? Just in case someone else wants the spot. Good luck with everything!

pyotaeilxsocial: -leaves a ton of chicken nuggets for the family-

I think you just became my new favorite- 

jang-dongwooie: I'm going to go on semi-hiatus for a while, I'm not sure how long but typist is getting really busy and it's getting harder to get on constantly.

Alrighty. Thanks for lettin us know. 


Due to not reblogging/liking the activity check, deactivated/left, nor warning us of any sort of leave, these members are available for roleplay:

yeonjxda: As much as I want to reblog the activity check, I know my activity is just gonna go downhill from here. I'm going to be kicking it independent from here on out. I'll miss you guys like hell, bye babus.

Understood, Yeonjuice. Take care!

pyotaeilxsocial: Directory. Sorry for being not here. Everyone please expect random visits because I will break into your houses. And eat your food. What was my point? I'll be here more from now on!

It’s okay, hyung! We’ll await it!

keviboyanon-deactivated20140106: Sooo -sighs- I have seen the activity check post, but I'm not going to reblog it. I think it's time for me to go independent for a while, just until I can get on a bit more -smiles a bit- I don't want to keep this spot, when someone else will be more active -chuckles- But just know I love you all!

We love you too! Stay safe, okeydokey! ; ; 

Anonymous: Yo, it's Hakyeon. I had to deactivate, sorry peeps :(

I think I actually shed a tear. A manly tear. Gosh darnit- Ah. Well, we’re here with open arms until you can stop by again! We love you!

[!!!] Listen up, kiddos.


I’ll keep it short and simple and say that with the over-done lack of activity around here, we’re gonna have an activity check. See how this’ll be done is: you have a week from today to reblog. So you must have this reblogged by September 26 to stick around. Those on a notified hiatus/semi-hiatus don’t have to unless you happen to arrive then. So. Now you know the drill, so get to it!