The following idols are ready to be loved down:

Please unfollow the following idols(due to deactivation):

Thank you! 

MEMO #13

Hello there lovely growing family of mine~

I hope everyone is doing alright and if not…get alright. [/grins] Nah, we’re here with open arms if you aren’t. Let’s see…

Last week Chaerin, Chanyeol, and I created the FWAGS (which stands for swagfabs because we’re all fabulous.) If you’d like to join, there is a vigorous training schedule and a name choosing process. Keep it in mind and give us a heads up if you want in, you sassy little munchies.



If you have any requests, be sure to ask!

Annnnnnnnd! Please continue to talk to Minho, Jun.K, and Chansung if you haven’t and please welcome Kai! Woohyun has changed to Luhan, so also keep in touch with him.

Hyuna is now on a semi-hiatus and Kai is the n00b of the week. 

I think that’s all and we’ll keep you caught up if there is anything new!

Oh, and remember:

Smile. It could make someone’s day.


MEMO #13

Hello lovelies~!

Just a reminder that today is the family Christmas event at 7pm EST. Everyone is to try to attend. Please try to get the word out to the other members if you can. Also, this is just for family members, sorry. ><

We will be playing Draw my thing (which is basically draw something) on omgpop.com. If you don’t have an account yet, please make one and then tell us your username.. unless you want to be on guest but that’s really boring tbh. Here is the link to the room. (I’m sujulover55 lol dun judge u_u)

Now the bad thing is, only 7 of us can play at a time, so we will also have a tinychat going. We will take turns, switching the people out, depending on how many people come.

One last thing, we have a lot of new members lately, so make sure you go and follow/welcome them. c:

We hope to see you all there :D



FAMILY EVENT ON DECEMBER 22ND! EVERYONE IS TO TRY AND ATTEND! Holiday party at around 7pm(EST) And it is for family members only. We will play draw with friends/draw something! It is sure to be fun so i hope you attend!

MEMO #12:


Okeeeeeey, so i’ve changed the guidelines, only a little, but please still check em. Normal things.

On another note, please follow and welcome Park Bom and Nam Woohyun to the family!

Uhhhhh, what else.


FAMILY EVENT ON DECEMBER 22ND! EVERYONE IS TO TRY AND ATTEND! Holiday party at around 7pm(EST) And it is for family members only. We will play draw with friends/draw something! It is sure to be fun so i hope you attend!

That is all for now! Have a nice day and stay warm!


MEMO #11:

Everyone please unfollow Hyuna and Kibum (Super Junior) as they have been inactive.

Also, Christmas is arriving quickly! I hope everyone is doing well and spending lots of time with your friends and family. ^^

OH. I almost forgot. I don’t know if you guys saw what Bbomb said in the last post, but we are looking for ideas on how we can all celebrate Christmas together. Please send in your ideas if you have any. Thank you <3 One last thing, if you haven’t seen the wallwisher, please go leave a little note on it for the family.



MEMO #10:

Hey everyone~ How are your holidays going? Good i’d assume. ^^ First of all i’d like to thank you for attending my wedding if you did. 

Uhh, i hope everyone stays warm and bundled up unlike me who caught a stupid cold. -warms hands in front of fireplace- 

On to other news, Don’t forget to leave a confession in the confessions page, check out the new theme (it’s all warm and snowy.), TAG THE FAMILY TAG, and socialize with all the members before New Years. 

We were thinking about doing a little something special, but if you have suggestions, don’t hesitate to hit the ask and tell us! 

—Note: Please unfollow CL and Siwon if you haven’t already. They have been REALLY inactive. -sighs- If you have any requests, i’d be happy to make the ads.

Well, stay warm and happy! -smiles, skipping away-


MEMO #9:

Hai Hai,

Okey so i brought myself to get another admin. I picked the amaZING Jonghyun. ^^

He should be a great help so be nice. ^^

Second of all, please track the tag #kisfamily to keep up with everything.

Everyone make sure you rewelcome mister TOP. -grins; He’s pretty.

What else… Did you all check the “Happy Thanksgiving” Link on the sidebar? -flails-

I worked hard. 
Oh, I’m going to set up a confessions page now because our last one is kinda…Uh…lost. -sobsob;

Please unfollow Naeun.

Okey, well i think that is all for now.


Because for some reason i can’t answer asks because the stupid button doesn’t work:

To the anon that asked about the confessions blog- Jiyoon used to run that blog, but she has deactivated and we don’t have the acct info to it. Soooo it is Inactive. To the affiliate- I will add you now. ^^ I AM LOOKING FOR A NEW ADMIN.


Dear Family, i worked my tail off to show you guys how much i’m thankful for each and every one of you. Thank you! <3 All you have to do is click “thanks” and it sends you directly to a family members’ ask box so youu can say thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving~!